Wondrous Vulva Puppets® custom Made by Dorrie Lane.
Made in San Francisco 1993-Present

Dorrie Lane’s gallery of vulva and vagina puppets and pillows of different colors and materials – find the one to your liking!

Autumn Rayon Velvet with Gold/Orange Silk. Tiger eye Beading.

Versace Velvet w/Gray-Orange Silk Charmuese Grey Pearls

Burnout Leaves Velvet, Gold-Beige Silk Satin Mahogany Jasper-Carnelian Beads

Leopard Rayon Velvet w/Mango/Gold Silk Charmuese Carnelian Beads

Versace Velvet w/Blue-Lime Silk Charmuese Jadeite Beads

Blue Silk Velvet w/Daffodil-Pink Azalea Satin Charmeuse. Azurite-Lemon Turquoise Bead

Autumn II Rayon Velvet w/Gold-Purple Silk, Jasper Beads

Cocoa German Cotton Velvet w/Mocha/Lavender Silk. Red Coral Beads

Stamped Scroll Velvet w/Pink Carnation-Lavender Silk Satin Charmeuse. Amethyst Beads

Black Leopard Rayon Velvet w/Wine-Grey Silk Charmuese. Dalmatian Jasper Bead

Burgundy Silk Velvet w/Swiss Lace-Blush Silk Charmuese. Carnelian Beads

Deep Blue Rayon Velvet w/YellowMoon-SkyBlue Silk Satin Charmeuse. Moonstone-Cordierite Beads

Geometric Burnout Velvet w/Lemon-Fern Green Silk Charmeuse Garnet beads

Silk Velvet w/Blush-Pink Charmeuse Satin. Red Garnet-Smoky Quartz Beads

Snow Leopard faux Fur w/Coffee-Deep Pink Silk Satin

Blood Red Velvet w/Deep Blue Silk Satin. Crystal Beads

Versace Velvet w/Spring Greens Silk Charmeuse Satin. Peridot-Smokey Quartz Beads

White faux Lamb w/ Fuchsia-Grape Satin

Pink TeddyBear w/Lavender-Pink Satin

Pink Teddy Bear Vulva Puppet

Pink Teddy Bear w/Pink-Fuschia Satin

Raspberry Silk Velvet w/Chanel Silk Jacquard Satin.

Zebra faux Fur w/Burgundy-Fuchsia Satin

Italian Silk Velvet Print with Blueberry Silk Charmeuse Satin

Renaissance Stamped Velvet w/Raspberry-Rose Silk Satin

5th Avenue (NYC)Leopard Velvet

5th Avenue Jaguar print Velvet w/Pistachio-Grass Green Silk Satin Charmeuse

Pink Teddy Bear w/Grape Silk Satin Charmeuse

Deep Brown Silk Velvet w/Swiss Lace and Silk Satin

Wild Tiger Velvet w/Topaz and Cream Silk Satin Charmeuse

Rich German Cotton Stripe Velvet w/Crepe Satin

Dark Leopard Velvet w/Cocoa/Ruby Silk Satin Crepe

5th Avenue Leopard Velvet (NYC) w/Bronze and Cream Silk Charmeuse Satin

Beautiful Thick faux Snow Leopard w/ Mocha/Rose Silk Satin

5th Avenue Leopard Velvet (NYC) with Mocha/Paprika Silk Satin. Beads are Carnelian

Zebra faux Fur with Silver/Pinot Noir Silk Satin

Rich German Cotton Velvet with Silver/Fuschia Satin. Bead are Pearls

Mango Velvet with Paprika/Gold Satin

5th Avenue Leopard Velvet w/Coffee/Cream Silk Satin. Bead are Mahogany Jasper

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